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G.A. Technology Solutions Limited was birthed in September 2017 subsequent to a change in the shareholding structure of its parent organisation, Goldsberck Company Limited, incorporated in the Republic of Ghana in February 1992.

G.A.T.S engages in the marketing, distribution, installation and maintenance of a wide and diverse range of telecommunication and information technology systems and accessories as well as security systems associated with industrial and general business concerns, corporate entities and residential premises.

The business entity is leveraging the over 25 years’ experience of its predecessor organization in the provision of quality ICT products and services to strategically position itself to become the Information Communication Technology service provider of choice in Ghana.Today, as everyone willingly or unwillingly surfs in this info-tech age, many people dream big, plan big and expect high returns from their investments in technology. Regrettably, the marketplace has been inundated with cheap inferior products that fail to satisfy the needs of most customers. G.A.T.S Limited is therefore focused on filling the void in the marketplace, and delivering to customers good quality products and services at affordable prices.

Our team of skilled, experienced and seasoned administrative and technical personnel is able to engage and understand the specific requirements of customers in order to provide products and tailored services that satisfy their needs.



To establish a one-stop centre of excellence for the provision of Information Communication Technology (ICT) products and services; and to be a recognised institution of manpower training in installation, repair and servicing of a wide range of ICT Systems.



To provide customers with quality ICT products and services at competitive prices, with the view to ensuring customers derive maximum benefits from their investments in ICT Systems.


  • Respect and attention to the needs of customers


  • Striving for excellence in all we do


Being passionate about doing the right thing


  • Providing products and services that deliver premium value to customers

Happy Past & Present Clients




Executive Chairman                                                                                                             

George William Simpson is a versatile entrepreneur with considerable experience in business management. A product of the Economics and Mathematics Departments of the University of Ghana, he established Goldsberck Company Limited, the parent company of G.A. Technology Solutions Limited, in 1992. With more than 26 years of negotiation skills development and business management experience, he supervises management, monitors the company’s strategies and plans, and proffers useful advice to management when required.


A graduate of the University of Ghana with BA Hons in Economics and Geography and Resource Development; and a Certificate in Project Management from the Central University College, Alex Kofi Simpson joined Goldsberck Company Limited as an Administrative Manager in October 1994. By February 1996, he had been appointed a Director of the company and promoted to the position of Director of Administration owing to his disciplined approach to managerial issues and demonstrated competencies. He is expected to enrich G.A. Technology Solution’s team with his over 24years of administrative and people management experience as he provides overall leadership and coordinates all activities of the company.




Managing Director                                                                                                               



G.A. Technology Solution Ltd

No. 25 Traos Crescent, Osu, Accra

Digital Address: GA 082-9767 

Accra, Ghana.



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